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We are Colorado’s Premier Tinting Company, Show Us Your Tints, and is located in Pueblo Colorado. We provide our clients Automotive, Commercial, and Home tinting service that is unmatched. Visit us at 500 W. 3rd Street, Pueblo, CO 81003
or call us at 719-248-4994
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Our Window Tinting process is the best in Colorado.  Show Us Your Tints has tinted thousands of vehicles and we are ready to tint your vehicle as well.

Many of our thousands of customers chose us for their tinting needs. At Show Us Your Tints, whether you are wanting your vehicle tinted for privacy or security, protection from UV rays, reducing solar gain (interior heat) or they think window tinting makes your vehicle look cool, Show Us Your Tints is here to make that process easy and affordable.

At Show Us Your Tints we make sure that what you want and how you want your tinting to look is the number 1 goal. We typically can have your vehicle done in a day or two and have you back in the driver’s seat to enjoy the benefits of window tinting.

So call us today at 719-544-8468 or email us at tintingcolorado@gmail.com to schedule your appointment today.

Or visit us at our new location:
Show Us Your Tints
500 W. 3rd Street
Pueblo, CO 810013

Uneven heating or glaring in your home or business can take away from the beauty of living in our great state of Colorado.  Show Us Your Tints has helped may in our community with our residential tinting service.

The beautiful Colorado sun is one of the reasons that people love living here.  But when that same sun creates a heating and cooling issues only based on the time of day or when it distracts from your ability to conduct your business, something needs to change.

At Show Us Your Tints we have a record of working to resolve issues relating to Sun glare issues.  We have worked with residential customers and Businesses who want not just to solve the sun glare issues but in many cases want privacy.  Whatever the needs of our customers, Show Us Your Tints will give them a solution.

Tint Your business or home



Schedule an appointment today and we can have your car to you in less 48 hours and back on the road looking great.

We off many type of tinting and many levels of darkeness for each customer.  So when you call us  or stop in, let us know what you are looking for and we will work our best to meet your needs. 

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